Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New Release - 3013: ALLEGIANCE


The 15th book in this best-selling sci-fi/futuristic series!


Hi, Everyone! I’d like to begin by saying thank you for being so patient and for all the support and well wishes while I’ve been sick. I wish I could say that I was having fun on vacation, but having my thyroid try to kill me is definitely not enjoyable. What started as a simple sinus infection turned into a bunch of doctors’ visits, until, surprise…I have Graves’ disease. It’s a really slow process, but I’m getting better with a combination of medication, vitamins, and supplements. I can’t give anyone advice on the subject, but I can say doing my own research in conjunction with the doctors’ visits helped a lot.

Now, let’s talk about 3013: ALLEGIANCE!

Sorry it has taken so long, but 3013: ALLEGIANCE is FINALLY available! This is the longest of the 3013 novels so far — coming in at a little over 93k words. For those of you who dislike long books, I apologize. For those of you who love longer books, you’re welcome and I hope you enjoy!

Amari and Roman are the heart of the story, but you will also get to spend some time with familiar friends and meet new ones. They will have to deal with the aftermath of old problems, new threats, uncertain allegiances, and love destined to last a lifetime. 

Moving forward, Kali and I have some awesome plots and storylines that are going to weave together, so be sure to keep watch for more books in the series. Also, be sure to check out the new prologue, because:

As a new year dawns, the battle for the future has only begun…

Dragon Warrior Amari Nazira has lived amongst the stars for centuries, traveling the universe and keeping watch over the known galaxies. She has lived her life for the greater good, but her true desire has always been far beyond her reach. Now, taking her destiny into her own hands, she must find the one male who can tame her wild heart.

After losing everything, Regent Roman Newgate dedicated his life to the Alliance. He thought duty was all he needed, but the moment he meets Amari, everything changes. She is like a flame, beautiful and deadly, yet the heat of one touch is all it takes to know she owns his heart. Their love may be fated, but they need to let go of their painful pasts before they can have a future together. However, time might not be on their side.

When a peaceful meeting of the races on the Delta Station is attacked, allegiances will be tested. Can Amari and Roman defeat the enemy before a war begins, or will everything the Alliance stands for be destroyed?


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