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Sneak Peek - 3013: MATED

Here are two excerpts from Laurie Roma's new release - 3013: MATED!

Look for it on Amazon, Smashwords and ARe on December 19th! 


“Commander, sir! The Dragon Warrior visitors have arrived early and are waiting for permission to enter the shield.”
Jax heaved out a sigh. “Shit, they’re early. Ryans, open the shield and give them the coordinates over the Capital where they can enter our airspace. Have them land here in Dock C.”
“Right away, Commander Spartan.”
Officer Ryans relayed the information into his comms as he typed frantically on the tablet he held in his hand.
“Well, it looks like I’ll be acting as liaison after all,” Alexis said nervously. She’d thought she would have a few days to sort out the assignment, but it didn’t seem like that was an option anymore. Even though she was a little worried, a part of her was excited to spend some time with visitors from Arcadia. She’d studied the Dragon Warriors, but had never actually met one in person.
Suck it up, she told herself. Shaking off her nerves, she straightened to her full height. She was a top-level officer for god’s sake.
She could…would handle this assignment.
Jax crossed his arms over his chest as his eyes narrowed. “I still don’t like this, Lex. I never thought Farris would be stupid enough to assign one of our female officers for this visit. You don’t have to take this assignment if you’re uncomfortable with it. I can order a replacement. Taking care of four men would be difficult for anyone.”
“I believe she will be more than capable.”
The deep voice that sounded out right behind her had Alexis spinning around, one hand on the hilt of the blaster at her hip. No one could have snuck up on both her and Jax without making a sound, not with their training.
But someone had.
Oh, my stars…
Her eyes widened at the sight of the four giant warriors that seemed to appear right out of one of her wildest, sex-starved fantasies. Standing at well over seven feet tall, far bigger than any of the elite soldiers she was used to being around, the four men towered over her with their powerfully built frames.
They each wore black leather pants paired with matching soft leather vests that left their muscular arms bare, except for the dark gold and silver tribal-looking tattoos that started on their shoulders and covered their skin down to their wrists. The marking were similar to the tattoos wore by the elite soldiers that had formed a bonding unit with a claimed woman, except the Dragon Warriors’ were more far more elaborate in detail.
Obviously two sets of brothers, the first pair of warriors had long black hair that flowed loose around their broad shoulders while the other two males had dark brown hair. Each of the males had two small braids fashioned at the sides of their temples, framing strong, perfectly sculpted faces. They had powerful, chiseled jaws, high cheekbones, and lush, sensual lips that she couldn’t help but wonder how they would feel pressed against hers.
Alexis’ breath caught as four pairs of glowing eyes focused directly on her. The two warriors with black hair stared at her with eyes that glowed a bright silver, while the other two had iridescent golden eyes. It was like looking at the sun and moon, and those glowing eyes seemed to pierce straight into her soul.
The alien warriors ignored the elite soldiers converged in a circle around them, and continued watching her with some sort of intense scrutiny she didn’t understand. It was a struggle, but Alexis tore her gaze away from them, finally able to take a deep breath now that she had broken the thrall they seemed to have over her.
She frowned as she looked around at the soldiers training their weapons on the newcomers. It wasn’t often that alien visitors had the ability to transport themselves right onto the Earth’s surface, but when they did it made most soldiers nervous. Officer Ryans stared at the alien warriors in awe, as did many of the other soldiers. Hell, Alexis had to admit she was still staring at them herself.
They were truly an impressive sight.
She looked back up at the giant warriors and saw what could only be described as amusement on the face of the male with golden eyes standing on the far right, while the male with silver eyes on the far left surveyed the soldiers with narrowed eyes. No matter the relaxed stances the visitors had taken, Alexis could sense that they were prepared for anything. It was in their tightly coiled muscles and their watchful gazes.
The two warriors in the middle ignored their surroundings, never once looking away from her. Both of their gazes were like a physical caress over her skin and her body heated in response. The intensity of their focus made her feel vital and alive. Christ, her reaction to them was completely inappropriate, but she couldn’t help but imagine seeing their impressive bodies without clothing, sliding against hers.
Focus, Donovan.
“Perhaps we should say we come in peace,” the golden-eyed brother on the right said with a sardonic smile.


“I want you,” she whispered, her voice shaking with nerves. “I do want all four of you, but I’m scared about what will happen…”
“Then let this be enough for now,” Galan replied.
She nodded and watched as both of their silver eyes blazed with a hunger. Her breath caught as Galan’s lips came down to meet hers, taking her in a soft, searing kiss that make her tremble. Alexis angled her head, needing to get closer to him and gasped as she felt Xavier come up behind her, reaching around to cup her full breasts in his large hands.
She lost herself in the kiss, immersing herself in the feel of them, loving their hands on her body. When she pulled back, she blinked in surprise as she suddenly realized that Xavier had removed her uniform top and bra while she had been busy kissing Galan. Her skin was flush with arousal, her nipples hard points that were aching to be touched.
As if sensing what she wanted, Galan lowered to his knees in front of her.
“These are perfect,” he purred moving his head to suck her nipples. Her head fell back on Xavier’s chest, trusting him to hold her up as Galan sucked on one nipple then switched to the other, lashing the taut bud with his tongue before sucking hard. She could feel each pull of his mouth like a lightning bolt that shot straight to her core. Xavier turned her head and settled his mouth over hers, forcing his tongue deep with a growl that made her weak with need.
They were taking her over and she let them. Galan’s hands made quick work removing her boots then he went to work on her pants, also pulling her panties down her legs so she was standing naked between them.
“You are a vision, sweetling. A dream come true,” Galan said reverently.
“Perfection,” Xavier agreed with a rumbling purr. “I cannot wait to feel your beautiful body welcoming me inside you.” Their words made her shiver and she gripped Xavier’s head, pulling it back down to her so she could kiss him again.
More, she needed more.
Sharp hunger drove Alexis to rub her body back against Xavier, loving the feel of his steel- hard erection against her back. They were so much bigger than her, but she felt completely safe in their arms, sheltered between them. A gasp tore from her lips as Xavier lowered his hand between her legs, circling her clit with his finger.
Xavier drank down her moan as he pushed two fingers into her slick heat. She was dripping wet, and it pleased him to feel how much she wanted them. Never before had just seeing a female made his cock grow hard as stone.  He let out a growl as he stared down at her beautiful body, running one of his hands over her lush curves and hips as he used his other to push his fingers inside her. His body trembled with need to take her…to bend her over the couch and ram his cock deep into her tight pussy until he filled her with his seed, but she wasn’t ready yet. They were so much bigger than their tiny mate, and he knew his large cock would hurt her if she wasn’t prepared to take him.
“So wet,” Xavier purred against her ear. “Do you like the pleasure we are giving you, little one? Tell us. Tell us what you want, Alexis.”
“Oh, god. I want you,” she panted, moaning as he began to finger fuck her faster as Galan went back to work sucking on her nipples. “Please, Xavier. Please…”
“You shall have us,” Xavier promised in a dark, heated growl. He wrapped his other arm around her middle, holding her back against him. “We will fill you so full you will not remember what it is like not to have us inside you, but first we need to make you come. Our cocks are large and we do not want to hurt you.”
“I have lube in a drawer by my bed in the other room,” she explained then winced at how that sounded. “Most relationships now are ménage so I’ve been with two men at—”
Both males snarled, cutting her off. “We do not want to hear about you with any other males. You belong to us now,” Xavier growled dangerously.
Alexis felt something inside of her shift. Normally, that kind of statement would have put her back up, but coming from them, it only enhanced her need. She wanted to belong to them. Everything they had said to her was like something out of her wildest fantasy. It was almost unimaginable how four strong Dragon Warriors would want someone like her when they could have anyone they wanted. She pushed that thought away, simply letting herself enjoy the moment as she ground her ass back against Xavier, making him suck in a harsh breath.
“Then take me,” she challenged.

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