Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Pre-Order 3013: THE SERIES Anniversary Box Set!

3013: The Series
Release Date: March 14, 2017

** SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICE OF 99¢. Price will increase to $4.99 after release. **

It’s Unity Day, a time to celebrate love, loyalty, and the joining of the allied races. Meet new friends and catch up with old favorites in these four all-new novellas!

**Includes two bonus shorts!!**

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3013: UNITY by Laurie Roma – Gabriel Titan is the commander of the Capital on Earth, while Vasera Lyrica Snowden rules the Southern Isle on Xenthian. When duties stand in the way of fate, will their love be enough to conquer all?

3013: BROKEN by Kali Argent – Can Tarin female Cerys open her heart to Liaison Officer Eli Eaton, or will her painful past as a slave on Tartarus prove too much to overcome?

3013: EXODUS by Laurie Roma – Krytos brothers Rogan and Lucian Adaro own a sanctuary in Zion, but seeking safety is the last thing Dragon Warrior Jade Vyper needs. They may be destined mates, but can true love flourish when one side must give up everything they have ever known?
3013: TRINITY by Kali Argent – Alliance Commanders Quaid Jansen and Oz Michaels have always rejected the status quo, especially when it comes to the idea of sharing their future chosen. So, what happens when they meet Helios shifter Natalia Hess and find themselves falling for the same female?

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  1. Is this normal longer coming out?

  2. I don't know I have been looking for it too

  3. Hello, I could not find the anniversary box set. Could you tell me when you are releasing it?

  4. HI, I bought the box set from & Have finished the set BUT I couldn't find the story Unity in it anywhere. Is that right?

  5. Tried to find on amazon but not listed anywhere

  6. Tried to find on amazon but not listed anywhere